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Viable supply chain cyber security relies on Vigilant component monitoring

The Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) provides the needed transparency, but generation and maintenance is time-consuming, while continuous vulnerability monitoring is nearly impossible.

SBOM distribution introduces another complex problem, and the answer is NOT another customer portal.

Think of Vigilant Ops as your own special forces unit that can be deployed to take on your critical cybersecurity issues. Our leadership team has been on the front lines, tackling the complexity of cybersecurity challenges for some of the world’s largest and most well-known organizations.

Put our experienced experts and superior solutions to work for your organization today. You’ll be in good company!

  • “My team relies on the Vigilant Ops InSight Platform to generate and maintain our medical device Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs). The InSight Platform interface is intuitive and the SBOM generation is accurate, plus it eliminates tons of manual effort!”

    Head of Bayer Medical Device Cybersecurity, Bayer
  • “The Vigilant Ops cyber team generated and certified an SBOM for our device running Toshiba FreeRTOS v10.0.0. We imported the SBOM into the InSight Platform for continuous vulnerability monitoring and alerts. Now, our engineers spend their time on development instead of monitoring security sources!”

    Application Security Manager, Ascensia
  • “I was spending 15% of my engineering resource time on SBOM. With the Vigilant Ops InSight Platform, I have reduced that to nearly zero! My engineers can now focus on innovation and development of the next generation of our products.”

    Chief Information Security Officer, global medical device manufacturer

    Intoducing the InSight Platfom

    The InSight Platform is the world’s only dedicated SBOM automation and distribution solution! InSight is not just a tool to generate SBOMs or translate SBOMs from one format to another.

    Use our free SBOM generator, or another tool of your choice, to create an SBOM. Upload or import into our secure platform. Components are validated, vulnerabilities are linked, and your SBOM is certified.

    Automated SBOM Generation
    Generate an SBOM for any/all of your devices at any time during the Software Development Lifecycle, also generate SBOMs for legacy devices in the field
    Certified Compliant Documentation
    Complete workflow with reviewer and approver roles, audit trails, export to quality management systems, and more…
    Complete SBOM Management Suite
    Central repository for all SBOMs, complete control over SBOM distribution, automatically updated dashboard view
    Security Patch Distribution
    Quickly and simply alert targeted end users about the availability of a patch specific to their deployed device, and include a link directly to the patch
    Automatic Vulnerability Discovery
    Patented searching and matching algorithms take the manual guesswork out of vulnerability discovery
    Security Robots That Never Sleep
    Advanced technology employing real-time analysis and continuous learning is working around the clock
    Supply Chain Transparency
    Supplier SBOMs can be imported and integrated into product SBOMs for additional visibility and completeness
    Proactive Asset and Brand Protection
    Responding proactively to potential vulnerabilities saves money, time, and the brand reputation that took so long to build