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Vigilant Ops Announces Availability of InSight Platform V1 for HDOs

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Healthcare Delivery Organizations Gain Visibility into Risk Profile of Deployed Medical Devices. Today, Vigilant Ops, an innovator in medical device cybersecurity, announced the immediate availability of InSight Platform V1 for Healthcare Delivery Organizations, providing HDOs with an automated solution for monitoring the health of their deployed medical devices.  The InSight Platform V1 for Medical Device Manufacturers (MDMs) was released on May 11 and provided MDMs an automated solution for generating and maintaining device software bills of materials (SBoMs).  With the release of the HDO functionality, these generated SBoMs can be shared with authorized HDOs directly and securely through the platform.

“The Vigilant Ops InSight Platform V1 is the only solution of its kind that brings together both the producer and the consumer of the SBoM on the same platform,” said Ken Zalevsky, CEO at Vigilant Ops and former Head of Medical Device Cybersecurity at Bayer. “Medical device manufacturers generate device SBOMs, and via secure connection, share them with authorized HDOs through the InSight Platform.”

The InSight Platform uses advanced techniques to interrogate medical devices and automatically generate bills of materials. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, the InSight Platform continuously monitors for vulnerabilities in discovered device components. Thus enabling HDOs and MDMs to gain visibility into risk profile of medical devices and respond proactively to the latest discovered threats.

Founded in 2019, Vigilant Ops is an innovator in the medical device cybersecurity industry. Led by seasoned medical device cybersecurity experts with more than forty years of combined experience, Vigilant Ops provides medical device manufacturers and hospitals with unprecedented insight into device risk profiles, enabling proactive management of threats before they impact the quality of patient care.

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