Vigilant Ops Wins Cybersecurity Challenge

Trust what’s inside your technology

SBOM Lifecycle Management for mission-critical software and devices


SBOMs are essential to understanding and communicating software vulnerabilities in regulated environments

Vigilant Ops is the only platform that manages your entire SBOM lifecycle, from generation, to monitoring, to distribution

Discover real threats

More than 70 new software vulnerabilities are found each day. Are you equipped to identify the ones that threaten your business and customers?

Manage your SBOM lifecycle

Use the Vigilant Ops platform to generate, monitor, and distribute SBOMs in high-risk, highly regulated environments.

​Vigilant Ops provides technology transparency, automatically searches for vulnerabilities, and helps you take action to meet compliance standards that keep everyone safe.

SBOM Generation

Automatically build and certify SBOMs for any product, or import existing SBOMs in your favorite format

SBOM Monitoring

Use our continuous monitoring to find and fix the most urgent vulnerabilities.

SBOM Distribution

Securely share, access, and update your SBOMs from a central dashboard

SBOM Compliance

Meet the latest safety standards and regulatory requirements in one click

Secure your medical devices

To trust the healthcare technology that you buy, sell, and build, you need to secure your software supply chain. 

Vigilant Ops addresses complex security and compliance challenges that face medical device manufacturers and customers, including the FDA’s latest industry guidance. 

Use Vigilant Ops to meet FDA standards, manage the entire SBOM lifecycle, and create repeatable cybersecurity processes. 

  • “My team relies on the Vigilant Ops InSight Platform to generate and maintain our medical device Software Bills of Materials (SBOMs). The InSight Platform interface is intuitive and the SBOM generation is accurate, plus it eliminates tons of manual effort!”

    Head of Bayer Medical Device Cybersecurity, Bayer
  • “The Vigilant Ops cyber team generated and certified an SBOM for our device running Toshiba FreeRTOS v10.0.0. We imported the SBOM into the InSight Platform for continuous vulnerability monitoring and alerts. Now, our engineers spend their time on development instead of monitoring security sources!”

    Application Security Manager, Ascensia
  • “I was spending 15% of my engineering resource time on SBOM. With the Vigilant Ops InSight Platform, I have reduced that to nearly zero! My engineers can now focus on innovation and development of the next generation of our products.”

    Chief Information Security Officer, global medical device manufacturer