Viable device security relies on Vigilant software component monitoring.

Vigilant Ops Insight provides a cloud-based platform for creating, maintaining, and securely sharing Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) to improve organizational awareness of cyber threats and to enable a proactive approach.

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Benefits For Medical Device Manufacturers

Automated SBOM Generation, Collaboration, and Sharing

Automated Creation and Continuous Maintenance of SBOMs

Documentation for Regulatory Filings or to Include with Prospect Collateral

Controlled SBOM Distribution Through our Secure Platform

Improved Brand Image and Security Posture

2nd Highest

3rd Party Software vulnerabilities as root cause of breaches



Percentage of medical devices targeted by cyberattacks


450 Million

Number of medical devices connected to healthcare networks



Percentage of medical device manufacturers responsible for the security of third-party software components utilized in their devices


Cost to a medical device manufacturer to compile and maintain a list of software components in a single version of a single device


Continuous Monitoring of Medical Device Software Components

Automated Consumption of SBOMs

Real-time Security Monitoring of Software Components

Awareness of Threats Across Deployed Devices

Improved Focus on Patient Safety

$7.13 Million

Average cost of a healthcare breach – highest cost of any industry

1st Highest

Cost of a breach in healthcare compared to other industries


1st Longest

Time to identify and contain a breach in healthcare compared to other industries


329 Days

Average number of days to identify and contain a breach in healthcare



Percentage of healthcare organizations with deployed automated security


Our Software CyberSecurity Expertise

Ken Zalevsky, CEO at Vigilant Ops, has over seventeen years of experience in the medical device industry, most recently as Head of Medical Device CyberSecurity at Bayer.

Ken is an active participant and member of the software cybersecurity teams of several industry trade associations including MITA (Medical Imaging Technology Alliance) and AdvaMed (Advanced Medical Technology Association). Ken has been a featured speaker on medical device cybersecurity and related topics at various industry events including the Medical Device R&D Summit and the FDA Premarket Guidance Public Workshop. Ken has been the contributing author to multiple medical device cybersecurity whitepapers including CSP-1-2015 CyberSecurity in Medical Imaging and CSP 2-2018 Cyber Hygiene Best Practices and is also the author of Effective Strategies Must Protect Medical Devices, featured in DotMed Healthcare Business News.

Ken earned a certification in CyberSecurity Leadership from Carnegie Mellon University, an undergraduate degree in Applied Math from Carnegie Mellon University and a graduate degree in Business Management from Carnegie Mellon University. Ken also attended the Executive Education program at Harvard Business School.

Ken Zalevsky, CEO
Vigilant Ops


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