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There is no Silver Bullet solution to the SBOM challenge. This webinar series is designed to arm you with critical information to support you and your organization on the SBOM journey.

Global and domestic Medical Device Manufacturers have more questions than answers. Much is evolving – FAST. Successful compliance dramatically impacts all leaders at Medical Device Manufacturers.

This 2023 SBOM Silver Bullet Executive Series is being produced collaboratively with industry leaders providing timely insights to help navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of compliance requirements. 

  • Urgent – FDA’s new SBOM regulatory mandate goes into effect on March 31st, 2023
  • Impact – All leaders at Medical Device Manufacturers will face change related to these requirements
  • Critical – Successful compliance is dependent on inter-departmental collaboration

“2023 SBOM Silver Bullet Executive Series”

  • Next Webinar April 20th, 2023 11-11:30am ET – “Hitting the Target: Importance of Collaboration”
  • Additional Webinars in the Series To Be Announced – Stay Tuned!

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We encourage registering early. Seating is limited. For more information, please contact