Vigilant Ops Wins Cybersecurity Challenge

Month: June 2020

Vigilant Ops Announces Availability of InSight Platform V1

On May 11 2020, Vigilant Ops, an innovator in medical device cybersecurity, announced the immediate availability of InSight Platform V1, enabling medical device manufacturers to begin automatically generating, updating, and monitoring device software bills of materials (SBOMs). FDA’s draft version of their premarket guidance refers to these as CBOMs (Cybersecurity Bill of Materials)​1​, given the original desire to include hardware components in device bills of materials. Since the original draft...

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Incident Response Plan Cyber Simulation Exercise

Executing effective simulation exercises and rigorously testing the organization’s incident response capability has been proven to positively impact the organization’s ability to recover. There is sufficient evidence to show that organizations can reduce the cost of a breach by more than 30%​1​ simply by having an Incident Response (IR) team following a thoroughly tested IR plan. In this document, we will explore the fundamentals of testing an organization’s IR plan using cyber simulation exercise. The...

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Three Reasons You Need to Use AI Software for Generating and Maintaining Medical Device SBOMs/CBOMs

What if you found out there was a way to interrogate medical devices and automatically generate cybersecurity bill of materials (CBOM)? Although you may initially miss the manual effort, you and fellow MDMs can now use artificial intelligence to begin automatically generating, maintaining, and monitoring medical device SBOMs/CBOMs. The Solution Utilizing the cloud, the Vigilant Ops InSight platform introduces a solution for generating, updating, and monitoring device software bills of...

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