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Month: April 2021

Why 2021 is Shaping Up to be the Year of the SBOM

The software bill of materials (SBOM) is on its way to being recognized as a key security document and the primary enabler of software transparency across all industries. In healthcare, FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) included the SBOM in the first draft of their Premarket Guidance in 2018, but they referred to it as a CBOM (Cybersecurity Bill of Materials). Today, SBOM, which is a detailed list of software components found in a product or system, has become the more accepted terminology. As...

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White House Considers Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) Critical

The recent SolarWinds attack report, which we summarized in a recent post, hinted at possible executive action as a response to the massive assault. That possibility has been realized, and a Biden administration executive order, requiring enhanced cybersecurity measures including the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM), is expected any day now.  A National Security Council spokeswoman was recently quoted as saying that the SolarWinds attack showed that the “federal government needs to be able...

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