Vigilant Ops Wins Cybersecurity Challenge

Our InSight Platform

The leading automation platform for generation, maintenance, and authenticated sharing of Certified SBOMs.

Our platform offers management functionality for all of your SBOM needs with continuous vulnerability monitoring and alerting, inclusion of VEX (Vulnerability Exploitability Exchange) information, security patch notifications, and the ability to upload SBOMs from alternate sources.

Our SBOM certification process includes the use of our patented algorithms and ensures that all components are validated, and vulnerabilities are linked.

Complete and accurate SBOMs save you valuable resources and reduce your risk.

New vulnerabilities? Be the first to know.

How Our Insight Platform Works

Product Suppliers

  • GENERATE SBOMs using our generator
  • IMPORT SBOMs generated with other tools
  • SHARE SBOMs with authorized consumers
  • ACT on continuous vulnerability alerts

Insight Platform

  • Cloud-Based
  • Secure Encryption at rest & in-transit
  • Automatic updates & support
  • NIST compliant
  • NTIA Formats and Tooling approved

Product Consumers

  • CONNECT securely with product suppliers
  • REQUEST SBOM access through platform
  • MANAGE SBOMs for quick reference
  • RECEIVE alerts, updates, security patches
  • ACT on continuous vulnerability alerts

Automated SBOM Generation or Automated SBOM Import

Use our InSight Platform to quickly and easily generate SBOMs

  • Install our InSight SBOM Generator
  • Provide network and access credentials
  • Generate the SBOM
  • Upload generated SBOM for certification and vulnerability monitoring

Use any of your favorite tools to generate SBOMs in various formats

  • Generate SBOM using your favorite technique/tool
  • Save generated SBOM in one of several acceptable formats
  • Upload generated SBOM for certification and vulnerability monitoring

Certified Compliant Documentation

Assign end users to review, approve, and publish SBOMs. InSight Platform automatically creates audit trails with end user information, time/date stamp, and more, for import into your quality management system or to provide with submitted regulatory documentation.


Uploaded SBOMs are routed to designated end users for review. End users can add comments/notes, which become an element of the SBOM history file.


Designated end user approves the reviewed SBOM. Approvers can add comments/notes, which become an element of the SBOM history file.

Publish / Export

Reviewed and approved SBOMs can be published or exported by designated end users. Published SBOMs can be shared securely through the InSight Platform.

Complete SBOM Management & Security Patch Distribution

Share Your SBOM

Control SBOM distribution by approving or rejecting consumer requests right through the platform. The SBOM management console provides quick access to consumers and authorized SBOMs.

Security Updates

Notify consumers when a security patch is available for their specific device. You can also include a link to the security patch.


Complete SBOM Management Throughout The Supply Chain